Make Your Processional Music Move You

The processional is the very first thing that happens in a wedding so it gives you a wonderful opportunity to set the tone for your wedding. But how do you select songs that create the mood you want? There are as many ways to use music as there are brides and grooms, so my best advice is to match your personal style for your wedding and use music that you love. And you have plenty of opportunity for variety—why not mix it up and use one kind of music—say pop—for your wedding party and another—perhaps classical—for the brides entrance. Anything you want is what you deserve for your very important day! Here are some ways to select processional music that moves you.

Organ PipesGo traditional! Sure you may have heard “Canon in D” by Johann Pachelbel a million times at weddings, but if you find that you get tingles on your skin when you hear the beautiful piece or you have always imagined hearing a grand organ performing it as you walk down the aisle, go for it! There is a reason why certain classical musical pieces are used for weddings. Familiar and traditional music evokes feelings and images and creates a level of comfort and—well—ceremony. So if you have always dreamed of being walked down the aisle by your father while “Here comes the bride” (Richard Wagner’s Bridal March from the opera “Lohengrin”) surrounds you, let the music begin! Here are some other ideas for traditional music for your entrance:

ViolinGo unique! Maybe you are the kind of couple who marches to a different tune (wedding marches included). Are you a punk rocker? Do you love to dance to New Wave music of the late 70s and early 80s? Do you love to swing to music from the 50s? Or is folk music more your style? Your musical choices can be anything at all and are not limited because it’s a wedding!

Go pop and rock! I have officiated a number of weddings recently that have used lots of songs by the Beatles. Classic pop and songs are fantastic for weddings because there are so many to choose from and no doubt you and your betrothed have lots of songs that you consider important. And they are also very versatile based on how they are performed—“All you need is love” has a very different feeling when played by a harpist, violinist or an organ.

GuitarGo modern! A variation on pop and rock songs that creates a very modern feel is to have a DJ play a version performed by the original artist. If you love Rainbow Connection by Kenneth Ascher and Paul Williams, why not be a bit silly and playful and use the version sung by Kermit the Frog. Actually, I get chocked up whenever I hear Kermit singing it. Here is a great list of top modern processional songs:

This is another great source for processional selections of all types:

Don’t forget that an excellent resource of ideas for your wedding processional music is your musician. Whether you have a classical guitarist like the talented Tim Mayard or a string quartet like the beautiful Ten Strings Music Studio they will help you create processional music that you love!

XOXO Rachel

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