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Rachel Mueller-Lust, PHD, CPCC

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Expect The Unexpected During Times Of Change

I had a lovely and helpful Zoom meeting yesterday with a group of my women friends. We had gathered virtually for our usual in-person twice a month meeting. Our focus was on checking in with how everyone was coping with the coronavirus situation. I was…

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Searching For What Enlivens You

In my last blog I wrote about finding personal values to help get more of what you want in life. I got to thinking about this topic because lately I have been feeling a bit dissatisfied about what I am doing. Clarifying values helps you…

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What Do You Really Care About?

I am thinking a lot lately about how we end up doing what they do in this world. Now that I am semi-retired and my hours are very flexible, I am meeting many people who are retired. Often they had a number of years in…

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