Can’t Get Enough Love Quotes!

A regular feature of this blog is love quotes. I can never have too many love quotes in my life and I hope that others feel the same way. Part of the fun for me is searching and reading tons and tons of quotes until I find ones that resonate with me. There are alwaysContinue reading “Can’t Get Enough Love Quotes!”

DIY Wedding Dos and Don’ts

The date is picked and you and your mate are off and running to plan your wedding. You have been reading wedding magazines and blogs for so many years now that you could probably write your own book. You are resourceful and crafty and you love project management. So you figure—let’s DIY our wedding! DoingContinue reading “DIY Wedding Dos and Don’ts”

Recessional Music that Rocks!

Lately I’ve noticed that couples are getting a bit more adventurous with their music. Sure there are many couples who go traditional for all their music choices and even more that stick with classics for the processional and brides entrance. And what’s not to love about the pomp and circumstance of tried and true piecesContinue reading “Recessional Music that Rocks!”

Flower Fridays: Sweet Pea

One of the most lovely and delicate blossoms for a bridal bouquet is sweet pea. Sweet pea is said to mean blissful pleasure—what a lovely way to symbolically start off married life together. They are best when combined with other more sturdy flowers because their vines are thin and need propping up. In pastel shadesContinue reading “Flower Fridays: Sweet Pea”

Love Quotes for Love Ceremonies

A wonderful way to bring different tones and feelings into a wedding ceremony is through poems and readings. But even if you aren’t planning to have an entire reading, there is another way to have a similar effect. Include a short quote from any person who inspires you and inspires love and you are boundContinue reading “Love Quotes for Love Ceremonies”