DIY Wedding Dos and Don’ts

The date is picked and you and your mate are off and running to plan your wedding. You have been reading wedding magazines and blogs for so many years now that you could probably write your own book. You are resourceful and crafty and you love project management. So you figure—let’s DIY our wedding! DoingContinue reading “DIY Wedding Dos and Don’ts”

Dreaming and Planning for 2015

January is the time when many people make resolutions about everything in their life from romance and dating to eating and exercising. Instead of getting on the resolution bandwagon, I like dreaming and planning. Dreaming is about creating an overarching vision of what you want. Planning is about setting goals to help you create thatContinue reading “Dreaming and Planning for 2015”

Review and Reflect—Wrapping up 2014

Welcome to 2015! Now that the holiday craziness of family and friends and food is behind us, it is time to get ready for the New Year ahead. I find that one of the best ways to do this is to first get some completion with the prior year. January can be a gloomy monthContinue reading “Review and Reflect—Wrapping up 2014”

Make Everyday A Holiday!

It’s that time of year when there is good cheer around and people are in the holiday mood of giving and loving and sharing. There is no reason why we can’t take that holiday spirit to every day in our life—I say let’s make everyday a holiday! That means that whatever you are doing orContinue reading “Make Everyday A Holiday!”

Love Quotes Are Everywhere!

“Quotes about love” is a regular feature in my blog. There are so many wonderfully romantic pieces written by the usual suspects and also by lesser known or unlikely authors. Here are some love quotes that you might not have seen before. Try them out as a love note or card to the love ofContinue reading “Love Quotes Are Everywhere!”