Tips For Your Wedding Rehearsal

When you think of wedding rehearsal, what comes to your mind first? For most couples, it’s dinner—as in rehearsal dinner! I am all for celebration—and for food—so I know that rehearsal dinners are a wonderful thing. Just don’t forget that a rehearsal is also a great opportunity to make you and the wedding party feelContinue reading “Tips For Your Wedding Rehearsal”

Wedding Stress Got You Down? It’s Time To Play!

With spring and summer weddings getting closer by the minute, so many of my couples are knee-deep in wedding planning and are stressed out. If that sounds familiar, it’s time to take a break from wedding madness! Here are some ideas for fun and laugh-inducing diversions from too much wedding stuff. If there is stillContinue reading “Wedding Stress Got You Down? It’s Time To Play!”

Say Yes To Writing Your Own Wedding Vows!

I love my first meeting with couples who I am marrying. They are so earnest and in love and usually overwhelmed by all things wedding planning related. I fall in love with each and every one of them. As we discuss the wedding ceremony details—the processional, the love story, and the readings—they often get reallyContinue reading “Say Yes To Writing Your Own Wedding Vows!”

Why Magical Moment Mondays?

Why not Tuesday or Wednesday? Well, in actuality, magical moments can happen at any moment of the day on any day of the week. The reason I write the blog Magical Moment Mondays is to remind myself and others that in any given moment you have the opportunity to rejoice in that experience or not.Continue reading “Why Magical Moment Mondays?”

Calm Your Wedding Jitters!

You were doing just fine for the first few months of wedding planning, still in the glow of engagement. But then one thing here and another thing there added up to STRESS! Your parents have different ideas about who is family (really is my 3rd cousin twice removed that important?). All the bridesmaids aren’t playingContinue reading “Calm Your Wedding Jitters!”