Wedding Readings That Speak From Your Heart

Creating a wedding that is unique and that captures your style is easy when you add a reading or two to the ceremony. But, you ask, how can I come up with something that isn’t too—unoriginal? Here are some ideas for finding readings that you will find meaningful and fun. In general you want toContinue reading “Wedding Readings That Speak From Your Heart”

What I Learned From Planning My Own Wedding

Well, technically it wasn’t my wedding. For our silver 25th wedding anniversary on July 24th a few years ago now, my husband and I decided to have a vow renewal ceremony and big party. Almost everything was identical to planning a big wedding and—wow—I am glad I went through the experience. Over 6 months IContinue reading “What I Learned From Planning My Own Wedding”

Calm Your Wedding Jitters!

You were doing just fine for the first few months of wedding planning, still in the glow of engagement. But then one thing here and another thing there added up to STRESS! Your parents have different ideas about who is family (really is my 3rd cousin twice removed that important?). All the bridesmaids aren’t playingContinue reading “Calm Your Wedding Jitters!”

Rachel’s Rules for Relaxing into Work after Vacay

It’s back to school time! Well, even if you and I aren’t going back to school, there is something about post-Labor Day that sets us in motion to GET THINGS DONE. It’s as if some internal clock has told us it’s time to begin working again after the restful summer. That’s probably because we haveContinue reading “Rachel’s Rules for Relaxing into Work after Vacay”

5 Tips for Smooth Sailing Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

Who can resist a beautiful view of the river, the ocean, gardens, or mountains—you name it—for a spring, summer or fall wedding! It’s summertime and most of my wedding ceremonies are outdoors to make the most of the locales. Setting up a wedding in an outdoor location can go smoothly even if there are lotsContinue reading “5 Tips for Smooth Sailing Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies”