Tips For A Relaxing Honeymoon

One of the best parts of a wedding is not the wedding at all—it’s the after wedding spectacular, your honeymoon! Regardless of where you are headed, the honeymoon gives you a chance to step back and bask in the afterglow of your big day and enjoy each other’s company. Here are tips to make theContinue reading “Tips For A Relaxing Honeymoon”

Silly Movies You Might Admit to Loving!

I am a fan of movies that take you away to the land of silliness. Sure—deep movies can also take you away into another world, but there is nothing quite as releasing as watching a movie that gives you joy even though you almost cringe to admit it. Try watching one of your go-to sillyContinue reading “Silly Movies You Might Admit to Loving!”

Vacay—It’s not just from work!

We all need time off from work and that’s what vacation is for, right? Yes and we also need time off of anything else in life that gets to be just too much. We deserve a time out from wedding planning, we want a respite from family, we must get away from inclement weather, weContinue reading “Vacay—It’s not just from work!”

How to Stress Less before your Wedding

You were doing just fine for the first few months of wedding planning, still in the glow of engagement. But then one thing here and another thing there added up to STRESS! Your parents have different ideas about who is family (really, is my 3rd cousin twice removed that important?). All the bridesmaids aren’t playingContinue reading “How to Stress Less before your Wedding”

Two Tips for Writing Heartfelt Vows

Only two? Yes, you really only need to do two things to write your own vows: (1) Step out of your regular day-to-day work to slow down and (2) Write down why you love your partner. Here are some ideas to make this easier for you. Taking a break from your day-to-day responsibilities is hardContinue reading “Two Tips for Writing Heartfelt Vows”