Love Quotations Are Timeless

One of my favorite aspects of writing wedding ceremonies is looking up quotations about love. I am always inundated with beautiful quotes from all ages—modern thoughts to decade old adages. I personally love all types of love quotes from mushy to funny. You can always find one that suits your wedding style. Which love quotesContinue reading “Love Quotations Are Timeless”

Love Quotes Are Everywhere!

“Quotes about love” is a regular feature in my blog. There are so many wonderfully romantic pieces written by the usual suspects and also by lesser known or unlikely authors. Here are some love quotes that you might not have seen before. Try them out as a love note or card to the love ofContinue reading “Love Quotes Are Everywhere!”

Summertime Romance Reading is in the Air

Romance is in the air all year in my opinion but there is nothing like the sultry weather of summer to really bring on the heat of love. It is also my favorite time to read romance novels. Enjoy them poolside, enjoy them surfside, or enjoy them snuggled comfortably in your favorite spot, you cannotContinue reading “Summertime Romance Reading is in the Air”

The R Word—Romance by Rachel

I think we can all use more romance in our life. But it is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day life of work and chores and—whatever—that we forget to look for romantic opportunities. There are endless ways to create romantic (and magical) moments with someone you love. (And even if you don’tContinue reading “The R Word—Romance by Rachel”

Most Romantic Lines from Movies

I am a fan of movies of all kinds. I love Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Comedies, Dramas and most of all—Romance (Drama or Comedies). I am a particular fan of movies that have lots of conversational banter, so I tend towards the more indie type films and classics. Nonetheless, I also love the more mainstream moviesContinue reading “Most Romantic Lines from Movies”