Magical Moment Mondays: Dreaming

Dreaming…of spring at the moment. Dreaming is a flexible word that has different meanings depending on the context. Day dreaming. Night dreaming. Dreaming of your wedding, dreaming of your big life, dreaming of vacay. Staring into space. Dreaming is such a dreamy thing to contemplate. Dreaming of something in the future seems to be theContinue reading “Magical Moment Mondays: Dreaming”

Dreaming and Planning for 2015

January is the time when many people make resolutions about everything in their life from romance and dating to eating and exercising. Instead of getting on the resolution bandwagon, I like dreaming and planning. Dreaming is about creating an overarching vision of what you want. Planning is about setting goals to help you create thatContinue reading “Dreaming and Planning for 2015”

Review and Reflect—Wrapping up 2014

Welcome to 2015! Now that the holiday craziness of family and friends and food is behind us, it is time to get ready for the New Year ahead. I find that one of the best ways to do this is to first get some completion with the prior year. January can be a gloomy monthContinue reading “Review and Reflect—Wrapping up 2014”

Honeymoon Planning—Yippee!

With all of your planning for the wedding, it is easy to forget that not only do you get the pleasure of planning your big day, but you also get to plan a vacation with your new hubby or wife! Here are some strategies to get the most out of your honeymoon. ♥ Get AContinue reading “Honeymoon Planning—Yippee!”

I love planning! 2014 is here!

January—and thus the new year—is really in full swing now so it is time to plan for 2014! Planning is something that I have always loved to do. In fact, “to do” lists are such an integral part of who I am and something that I find so helpful (see DIY Wedding Dos and Don’ts).Continue reading “I love planning! 2014 is here!”