Handfasting Ritual—The Tie That Binds

Handfasting is a beautiful wedding ritual that more and more couples are embracing as a way to show their wedding bond. Using a cord, ribbon or cloth to wrap together their holding hands, the hand tying is a lovely action that symbolizes the couple’s union. Although most often associated with pagan or Celtic ceremonies, handContinue reading “Handfasting Ritual—The Tie That Binds”

Get Inspired with Color!

They don’t say a picture paints a thousand words for nothing; images are a wonderful way to convey so much in a single glance. I find what is particularly important in images is the color! Bold and rich, soft and delicate and anything in between, I love all colors and find them inspirational! Colors createContinue reading “Get Inspired with Color!”

Unity rituals that make you and your guests smile!

Wedding ceremonies are all about you, so why not have some fun and make your unity ritual as unique and special as you are. Maybe you are whimsical and a foodie, so how about sharing a sandwich? Or maybe you are more traditional and want a candle lighting ceremony—why not use some unusual candles. ClickContinue reading “Unity rituals that make you and your guests smile!”

Get Inspired! Wedding Inspiration Board

I do love to read wedding magazines. Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, The Knot and regional versions like New York (Magazine) Weddings and Manhattan Bride. Actually, I love to read all kinds of magazines including home decorating ones like House Beautiful and Elle Decor, inspirational magazines like O and Yoga Journal, and food magazines like BonContinue reading “Get Inspired! Wedding Inspiration Board”