Flower Fridays: Peonies

June weddings were made for peonies! You might think it is the other way around, but I say what better excuse for a wedding than the heady days of peony in full bloom? I absolutely love, love love, peonies! Each year, I can’t wait for them to pop open in June in my garden. TheyContinue reading “Flower Fridays: Peonies”

Flower Fridays: Peony

Peonies are probably my favorite flower, though I do adore Roses and Lilly of the Valley almost but not quite as much. A large reason for my love is the fragrance—there is nothing more intoxicating to me than the aroma of peonies in my garden. Bought from a florist they are just as beautiful, butContinue reading “Flower Fridays: Peony”