Meaningful Rituals For Your Wedding

Although wedding ceremonies usually include joyous rituals like exchanging rings and vows, there are many other rituals that you might want to include that add special meaning to the two of you. As a wedding officiant and celebrant, I love to work with couples to develop unique elements for the ceremony that are true toContinue reading “Meaningful Rituals For Your Wedding”

Maybe you’re gushy, maybe not—Quotes for all types of weddings

I happen to be quite gushy and romantic so I know a ton of quotes that are perfectly perfect and delightful for weddings. But I also love quotes that aren’t the obvious gushy ones that are also perfectly perfect for weddings. Here are a few of my fav quotes for all types of weddings! “GravitationContinue reading “Maybe you’re gushy, maybe not—Quotes for all types of weddings”