The R Word—Romance by Rachel

I think we can all use more romance in our life. But it is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day life of work and chores and—whatever—that we forget to look for romantic opportunities. There are endless ways to create romantic (and magical) moments with someone you love. (And even if you don’tContinue reading “The R Word—Romance by Rachel”

Topics you should discuss before you get married (or engaged) #1

Congratulations! You are in a loving relationship and thinking about the next step. Is marriage the right path for you? A good way to explore the next phase of your journey is to have some heart to heart conversations. Much research on relationship shows that couples who are aligned on a number of issues areContinue reading “Topics you should discuss before you get married (or engaged) #1”

Flower Fridays: Rose

Last week, when my husband Andy and I were discussing what to do on Valentines Day, he said, “It’s on Friday, so roses.” I hesitated a response because I wasn’t certain what he was referring to when he continued, “your Flower Friday blog”. Of course! I certainly have written about roses before (see Flower Fridays:Continue reading “Flower Fridays: Rose”

Pressure Drop—Lessen the Stress for the Perfect Valentines Day

Everything you see this week—in the papers, on-line, on TV—will not so gently remind you that Friday is Valentines Day. Yes, the pressure is on for so many people, particularly the guys, to get their romantic gestures just right. You gotta get flowers, or maybe it must be chocolates, or both. Or you have toContinue reading “Pressure Drop—Lessen the Stress for the Perfect Valentines Day”

Flower Fridays: Columbine

Columbine are beautiful and intricate flowers found in many gardens in so many different colors including blues, whites, purples, reds and even yellows. I have found that they are fairly easy to grow in my New York garden though they haven’t come back after many years so I think I will plant some new onesContinue reading “Flower Fridays: Columbine”