An Ode To The Significance of Wedding Rings

It is rare these days when both partners in a couple do not exchange wedding bands in their ceremony. And for good reason—the symbolism of a wedding band is plentiful and oh, so lovely. Here are some meaningful and splendid reasons to love your wedding rings! ♥ Rings are circles. Rings form circles that areContinue reading “An Ode To The Significance of Wedding Rings”

Flower Fridays: Wisteria

Wisteria…an interesting word that is like mystery and hysteria all wrapped into one plant. I was reminded of wisteria recently because I have been choosing colors to paint our interiors. I love all the names of blues that there are in paint colors and so many of them are flower names. Wisteria is a vineContinue reading “Flower Fridays: Wisteria”

Love Quotes Are Everywhere!

“Quotes about love” is a regular feature in my blog. There are so many wonderfully romantic pieces written by the usual suspects and also by lesser known or unlikely authors. Here are some love quotes that you might not have seen before. Try them out as a love note or card to the love ofContinue reading “Love Quotes Are Everywhere!”

Love Poetry for All Personalities

I’m a fan of love poems. Whether they are silly, sexy, funny, sappy, classic, modern, rhyming or free verse, I am find enjoyment in the words of poetry. Weddings are just the thing to get my mind going about love poems. Sure there are poems that are commonly read at weddings—not that there is anythingContinue reading “Love Poetry for All Personalities”

The Bubble of Love

There is something so wonderful about the intimacy of a couple standing in front of me during their wedding. It as though there is a bubble that encloses the couple, then another bubble that hugs me with them, a third that surrounds and links to the three of us to the wedding party and aContinue reading “The Bubble of Love”