Flower Fridays: Iris

The first green to sprout in our garden this year is our bearded iris plants—not that we are anywhere near to seeing the flowers. We have a nice assortment of bearded iris that our friend Jackie shared with us that are planted in a spot that gets summer sun. We also have masses of blueContinue reading “Flower Fridays: Iris”

Flower Fridays: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is one of the few flowers that you can find blooming at this time of year. I prefer calling them chrysanthemums to mums. I am not sure why I think of them as two different plants. When I think of a mum, I think hardy and boring and only shades of orange. A chrysanthemumContinue reading “Flower Fridays: Chrysanthemum”

Flower Fridays: Lavender

Lavender—a term used to describe such a lovely fragrance, color and flower. All are derived from the beautiful Mediterranean flower Lavender. I love everything about lavender though I seem unable to grow it! I have tried but the plant just doesn’t return. I just don’t have enough full sun and low moisture areas in myContinue reading “Flower Fridays: Lavender”

Flower Friday Fourth: Penstemon

It has only been in the past five years or so that I had ever heard of penstemon. They are known as the beardtongues because they look to be sticking out their hairy tongues at you. Actually the “tongue” is the unusual fifth stamen (hence penta stamen). They also have five lobes or petals—two atContinue reading “Flower Friday Fourth: Penstemon”

Flower Fridays: Ranunculus

Ranunculus is such a lovely multilayered flower. It looks like a camellia but comes in all the colors of the rainbow and is available from a florist all year. Stems of ranunculus make a luscious bouquet whether they are on their own or mixed with other flowers. Just this past weekend deep fuchsia ranunculuses (orContinue reading “Flower Fridays: Ranunculus”