Dreaming and Planning for 2015

January is the time when many people make resolutions about everything in their life from romance and dating to eating and exercising. Instead of getting on the resolution bandwagon, I like dreaming and planning. Dreaming is about creating an overarching vision of what you want. Planning is about setting goals to help you create thatContinue reading “Dreaming and Planning for 2015”

Magical Moment Mondays: Sleep

Such true words of Shakespeare: to sleep per chance to dream. The loveliness of sleeping is eluding me lately but I have my moments. And those moments are indeed magical. The right context for sleep is critical. Temperatures too hot or too cold will just not do. And the bed accouterments must be just so.Continue reading “Magical Moment Mondays: Sleep”

Magical Moment Mondays: Ice Cream

Ice cream, you ask? We are dealing with endless snow and ice in the Northeast, and you want to wax on about ice cream? The thing is, I really have been craving ice cream lately because it isn’t something we usually get during the winter. Sure I can go to the store and buy someContinue reading “Magical Moment Mondays: Ice Cream”