DIY Wedding Dos and Don’ts

The date is picked and you and your mate are off and running to plan your wedding. You have been reading wedding magazines and blogs for so many years now that you could probably write your own book. You are resourceful and crafty and you love project management. So you figure—let’s DIY our wedding! DoingContinue reading “DIY Wedding Dos and Don’ts”

Magical Moment Mondays: DIY

My husband Andy and I have been diy-ing (that’s do-it-yourself for the uninitiated) home projects since the day we bought our home 20 years ago. Our winter project this year has been repainting our interiors (see Magical Moment Mondays: Renovation). The transformations certainly are amazing but I think the main reason I love DIY projectsContinue reading “Magical Moment Mondays: DIY”

Magical Moment Mondays: Fallen Leaves

The crunch under my shoes. The crinkly texture. The—some might say—gaudy color. The contradiction of youthful play and rotting vegetation. Fallen leaves are all these things and more. It is raining leaves right now. From my window I see the sun glistening on each leaf as it gently glides to the ground. The lightness ofContinue reading “Magical Moment Mondays: Fallen Leaves”

Handfasting Ritual—The Tie That Binds

Handfasting is a beautiful wedding ritual that more and more couples are embracing as a way to show their wedding bond. Using a cord, ribbon or cloth to wrap together their holding hands, the hand tying is a lovely action that symbolizes the couple’s union. Although most often associated with pagan or Celtic ceremonies, handContinue reading “Handfasting Ritual—The Tie That Binds”

Brooch Bouquet DIY

Because I am in the wedding business I have a great excuse to read bridal magazines. When I got married twenty-five years ago, our wedding was beautiful but very small and informal—and planned in a week! I missed out on the bride magazine experience. But now that I am a wedding celebrant, I figure whyContinue reading “Brooch Bouquet DIY”