Magical Moment Mondays: Leaves

The leaves are changing colors and are creating a lovely autumnal backdrop around my house. Every now and then I think it is raining but it is actually leaves fluttering down from the trees. I have such mixed feelings about the fall—it’s getting colder, it’s getting darker—but I do love to watch the leaves asContinue reading “Magical Moment Mondays: Leaves”

Magical Moment Mondays: Pumpkins

Fall colors are markedly more orange than green, Halloween is nearing and it is definitely pumpkin time! In keeping with one of our favorite activities—U-Pick (see Magical Moment Mondays: Pick-Your-Own)—we went to Fishkill Farms to roam the pumpkin patch and seek out the perfect pumpkin or two. The day was lovely and sunny with aContinue reading “Magical Moment Mondays: Pumpkins”

Flower Fridays: Dutch Bulbs

It’s bulb planting time! Yes, the box from Holland has arrived (I buy from Brecks) and I am gearing up for the tough digging. Our soil is abundant in rocks and boulders even though I have been removing them every time I have planted something over the past two decades. The rocky soil makes plantingContinue reading “Flower Fridays: Dutch Bulbs”

Magical Moment Mondays: Crisp Autumn Air

Although I have mixed feelings about the change of season from the warmth of summer to the cool of fall, I do love the crisp clean air of autumn. It awakens my spirit in a way that no other weather does. The brisk air is simply magical! To take full advantage of this time ofContinue reading “Magical Moment Mondays: Crisp Autumn Air”