Reaching Decision Altitude by Rachel Mueller-LustReaching Decision Altitude: An Executive’s Guide to Making the Jump from Corporate with Courage and Vision

Discover how you can leave your executive office with clarity, excitement and a plan for the next fulfilling chapter of your life!

Do you feel stuck in your executive career that no longer brings you joy?

Are you nearing retirement age but don’t have a plan for what’s next?

Are you considering leaving corporate but fear loss of title and identity?

Would you do something else if you had a strategy and advice?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could leave your professional role for something that gave you more happiness and more personal satisfaction?

Reaching Decision Altitude: An Executive’s Guide to Making the Jump from Corporate with Courage and Vision offers advice and inspiration on creating a joyful life after corporate.

In piloting of a plane, there is an instant when the pilot must make a decision: do I land or do I abort? It is a critical moment that determines the success of the landing. That point is called Decision Altitude. It is also the term that describes when a skydiver must take emergency action if their chute hasn’t opened automatically.

You are reaching your own personal decision altitude. You are faced with an important decision about what you will do after you leave your corporate role.

Will you take conscious action to determine the outcome of the next phase of your life? Or will you ignore that you have a decision to make and hope that it will work out on its own?

It’s not just about having enough money.  Leaving the structure and support of your corporate role takes guts…and strategy!

Whether you are retirement age or not, the key to making the transition from your professional life to what’s next is to consciously plan what you want and need in all aspects of your life—not just the financials that most retirement books explore.

Learn how to:

  • Craft a courageous mindset so that you have supporting beliefs to help you retire from corporate.
  • Redefine who you are beyond your executive title.
  • Vision what you want your life to look like when you leave.
  • Manage the inevitable obstacles you encounter while you plan your exit.
  • Create a compelling plan so that you take action and stay motivated.

Unlike many books on retirement, this book goes beyond discussions about how much money you need to retire to explore what will give your life meaning when you leave your corporate position. It will get you to question what is truly important to you. It will get you ready to make some choices and big decisions about your life. Most important, the book will put the focus on you. Reaching Decision Altitude: An Executive’s Guide to Making the Jump from Corporate with Courage and Vision helps you get to know yourself better so that you can craft a path that serves you and makes you feel confident and clear about what your life will look like when you leave your professional role.

It’s time for you to make your graceful exit from corporate knowing that you have a compelling future ahead of you.

And you will be able to create your plan with my new book…

Rachel Mueller-LustAbout The Author…

Rachel Mueller-Lust is a speaker, teacher, blogger, certified executive & life coach and founder of Wondrance Coaching. is dedicated to helping women executives create magnificent and fulfilling lives.

Through her workshops, courses, speeches and coaching programs, Rachel helps women executives in senior roles who feel stuck leave their corporate positions with positive energy and excitement for what’s next. She provides support and guidance so that her clients feel confident as they plan and implement huge changes in their life.

Rachel has more than 20 years experience as a senior business executive, leader and educator in media and marketing and has been a coach for over 15 years.

Rachel lives with her husband and cat in the beautiful woods outside of New York City.