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Life Coaching For Living True To Your Values!

It takes bravery to live a life of your own design and go after your dreams.  We are taught to color in the lines, to stay small and not rock the boat but it’s not easy to make changes to your life path in the face of the status quo. But whose life is it anyway?

There is only one you on this planet and the world wants and needs your talents and brilliance. You deserve to live your life how you want.  Guess what?  When you let your true self shine through—even in the corporate world—and you share your unique sparkly-ness, you will experience more success and joy in your relationships, your work and everything you do.

You are the only one who can take charge of your own life, so take action and start dreaming.  Consciously choose to embrace change and make this the magical moment of your life!

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Rachel Mueller-Lust, Certified Executive & Life Coaching

The way people communicate and connect is fascinating to me. I love to write and dream and plan and strategize and I love helping people find more joy in their lives.

Blissfully married for over 30 years, I feel so fortunate to live in beautiful and magical surroundings with my husband and two cats.  Having successfully navigated the corporate world as an executive for over 25 years, I am living the life many people dream of having. I attribute much of that success to life coaching.

I hold a BS, MS and PHD in Psychology from the University of California, CPCC certification from The Coaches Training Institute and I’m also a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® . To learn more about my journey and background, click here.

I was a non-believer about the power of life coaching before working with Rachel. Now I see how you can’t compartmentalize life. My work, being a mother, being a wife, relationships with friends is all connected. Working with Rachel is making all the difference in my whole life.

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CPCC Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coaching

xoxo Rachel