When In Overwhelm, Focus On Gratitude

Are you ever so overwhelmed that you just can’t think straight? You have so many brilliant ideas for your wedding or whatever but you can’t get it all done quick enough? I have been feeling that way lately simply because there seems to be so much to do! The “to do” list is just brimmingContinue reading “When In Overwhelm, Focus On Gratitude”

Meaningful Rituals For Your Wedding

Although wedding ceremonies usually include joyous rituals like exchanging rings and vows, there are many other rituals that you might want to include that add special meaning to the two of you. As a wedding officiant and celebrant, I love to work with couples to develop unique elements for the ceremony that are true toContinue reading “Meaningful Rituals For Your Wedding”

Three Tips To Make Your Wedding Day Transformational

The very nature of a ceremony of any type is that it reflects a transformation in your life. Ceremonies happen throughout your life-stages from baby blessings or namings when you are first introduced to the world, to yearly birthdays and anniversaries, then coming of age ceremonies to weddings and even funerals. We celebrate marriages toContinue reading “Three Tips To Make Your Wedding Day Transformational”

Back To School Isn’t Just For Kids

Labor Day was late this year so the calendar gave us a bit more time before having to face up to the inevitable—it’s back to school time! Even if you aren’t going to school or you don’t have kids who are going to school, the end of summer marks the time to get back toContinue reading “Back To School Isn’t Just For Kids”

Magical Moment Mondays: Labor

“How can labor be magical?” you might ask. Sure it is Labor Day, so I could not resist the topic, but indeed, I find labor quite magical. Consider a big project that requires lots of labor. To me there is nothing as satisfying as laboring and seeing the fruits of my efforts. My husband andContinue reading “Magical Moment Mondays: Labor”