Be Your Own President For Life

I joined my first book club in the early 90’s in New York City. It was an interesting group of young professional women about my age who met once a month to discuss a book. The club was organized many years before I joined as an investment group that somehow morphed into a book club.Continue reading “Be Your Own President For Life”

Is Your Job Giving You What You Want?

Remember when you first got out of school and you were so excited about the work you were going to do in the world? Perhaps you were fortunate to find a job that you loved right out of the gate. Most likely it took some time to find a position that suited you and yourContinue reading “Is Your Job Giving You What You Want?”

Personality Tests and Creating Your Own Expectations For A Meaningful Life

I am reading the book, The Personality Brokers: The Strange History of Myers-Briggs and the Birth of Personality Testing by Merve Emre. It is fascinating to trace how what we see as the modern day measurement and use of personality and style assessments comes from long ago. A mother-daughter team in the 1920s created Myers-BriggsContinue reading “Personality Tests and Creating Your Own Expectations For A Meaningful Life”

Magical Moment Mondays: Fresh Cut Pine

I was walking down Second Avenue in the 20s when the scent hit me—the fresh, crisp and comforting scent of pine. It is that time of the year again, the time when the Christmas tree sellers from Maine and Vermont and upstate NY are in New York City, ready to sell their wares.  The treesContinue reading “Magical Moment Mondays: Fresh Cut Pine”

Magical Moment Mondays: Pie

I love pie! But I rarely eat it because I am a pie snob and only like homemade. And I only make pie on Thanksgiving so I am a happy camper right now! I’d certainly be happy if others made me pie. In fact I would probably prefer if others make pie because the phrase,Continue reading “Magical Moment Mondays: Pie”