Flower Fridays: Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller looks so soft you could sleep on it—as if it was a sage green cloud. Though I wouldn’t actually try that, its softness makes it a very romantic greenery. And although it is delicate in appearance, it is strong and long lasting, making it a perfect accent for beautiful wedding bouquets. Try pairingContinue reading “Flower Fridays: Dusty Miller”

Flower Fridays: Scabiosa

Scabiosa—sounds like an incantation for a wizard’s spell from Harry Potter. Though the common name for scabiosa is pincushion flower, it is not to be confused with a spell to make you feel pins on your skin or give you scabs. On the contrary, the flower is quite pretty and frilly even if it isContinue reading “Flower Fridays: Scabiosa”

Flower Fridays: Delphinium

Many years ago I planted delphiniums in my garden and they were tall blue beauties. Unfortunately they never came back! Given my poor success that first year I have been hesitant to plant them again. I will probably try once again some time soon because I think they are such romantic additions to cottage gardens—andContinue reading “Flower Fridays: Delphinium”

Flower Fridays: Clematis

I wish I had success growing clematis. They are so beautiful as they gracefully climb towards the sky on whatever structure they are attached to. I’ve tried but they never get very large and don’t come back the next year. There is an amazing deep blue specimen on a house near us that I lustContinue reading “Flower Fridays: Clematis”

Flower Fridays: Zinnia

I just passed a local plant and garden store that had a large sign outside exclaiming, “Zinnias are here!” I hadn’t really thought of zinnias as having a particular season—of course they do—nor had I figured that gardeners were waiting for the zinnias to arrive. But I guess I am just not as attuned toContinue reading “Flower Fridays: Zinnia”