I Am Overwhelmed! What Do I Do?

I have written about the experience of getting overwhelmed before because it is a common result of being too busy and pushing yourself to get more accomplished than serves you. Our society as a whole has gotten so over scheduled that many times you are on autopilot rushing through your day. And when you areContinue reading “I Am Overwhelmed! What Do I Do?”

Where Do Ideas Come From?

I just finished reading Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert and I really enjoyed it. I particularly loved her perspective on where ideas come from. As a writer, I certainly get inspiration from reading books and articles and watching TV and Film. Often my ideas come from discussions with other people. ButContinue reading “Where Do Ideas Come From?”

Being Of Service In Whatever You Do

The first weekend of this year I helped out as the coordinator and support person for a retreat at The Garrison Institute. It was a great fit for me because I already knew most of the instructors, the location is very familiar because I go there every Wednesday morning for a community meditation group andContinue reading “Being Of Service In Whatever You Do”

The Duality Of Light And Dark

December is a difficult month in many ways while it is also a joyous month. Perhaps more than any other month of the year, it exemplifies that light and dark co-exist in all of life. The holidays of December bring a mixture of stress and exaltation, demanding organization and preparation for celebration while allowing forContinue reading “The Duality Of Light And Dark”