Flower Fridays: Nasturtium

Nasturtium is not exactly what you would call a wedding flower—their symbolism is victory in battle and conquest—not a sentiment I would want associated with my relationships. They get that meaning because nasturtium’s botanical name Tropaeolum majus is Latin for trophy, as in a war trophy. They are said to be so named because theirContinue reading “Flower Fridays: Nasturtium”

Magical Moment Mondays: Conversation with Friends

I was fortunate to have several of my closest friends staying with us over the holidays. What I loved most was sitting around the dining table after we finished our meal. Banter flowed about topics as far-reaching and varied as movies to aging. I basked in the experience, because whether the dialog was light andContinue reading “Magical Moment Mondays: Conversation with Friends”

Brooch Bouquet DIY

Because I am in the wedding business I have a great excuse to read bridal magazines. When I got married twenty-five years ago, our wedding was beautiful but very small and informal—and planned in a week! I missed out on the bride magazine experience. But now that I am a wedding celebrant, I figure whyContinue reading “Brooch Bouquet DIY”