Flower Fridays: Columbine

Columbine are beautiful and intricate flowers found in many gardens in so many different colors including blues, whites, purples, reds and even yellows. I have found that they are fairly easy to grow in my New York garden though they haven’t come back after many years so I think I will plant some new onesContinue reading “Flower Fridays: Columbine”

Unity rituals that make you and your guests smile!

Wedding ceremonies are all about you, so why not have some fun and make your unity ritual as unique and special as you are. Maybe you are whimsical and a foodie, so how about sharing a sandwich? Or maybe you are more traditional and want a candle lighting ceremony—why not use some unusual candles. ClickContinue reading “Unity rituals that make you and your guests smile!”

Magical Moment Mondays: Sun Warming Your Face

This time of year there is nothing more magical then the sun warming your face. With the polar vortex creating colder temperatures than we have had in years and for longer stretches of time than we have ever experienced, we need as much sun as possible! Fortunately with the polar vortex came snow—lots of snow.Continue reading “Magical Moment Mondays: Sun Warming Your Face”

Flower Fridays: Carnation—Letter From My Mom

This past weekend I received this lovely letter from my mom. It was so perfect that I decided I would share it with you for this week’s Flower Friday. Carnation, along with Pinks and Sweet William (which you see more often in the garden) are members of the Dianthus family. Carnation symbolizes pride and beauty.Continue reading “Flower Fridays: Carnation—Letter From My Mom”

Maybe you’re gushy, maybe not—Quotes for all types of weddings

I happen to be quite gushy and romantic so I know a ton of quotes that are perfectly perfect and delightful for weddings. But I also love quotes that aren’t the obvious gushy ones that are also perfectly perfect for weddings. Here are a few of my fav quotes for all types of weddings! “GravitationContinue reading “Maybe you’re gushy, maybe not—Quotes for all types of weddings”