Magical Moment Mondays: Ice Cream

Ice cream, you ask? We are dealing with endless snow and ice in the Northeast, and you want to wax on about ice cream? The thing is, I really have been craving ice cream lately because it isn’t something we usually get during the winter. Sure I can go to the store and buy someContinue reading “Magical Moment Mondays: Ice Cream”

Flower Fridays: Begonia

Begonia—what a lovely sound emerges from your lips when you pronounce, Begonia. I have to say that at first blush I am not a huge fan of begonia. That is probably because most of my exposure is to the somewhat less than thrilling to me small blossom annual begonias that are used as bedding plants.Continue reading “Flower Fridays: Begonia”

Get Inspired with Color!

They don’t say a picture paints a thousand words for nothing; images are a wonderful way to convey so much in a single glance. I find what is particularly important in images is the color! Bold and rich, soft and delicate and anything in between, I love all colors and find them inspirational! Colors createContinue reading “Get Inspired with Color!”

Magical Moment Mondays: Potluck

Every year on the first Sunday after Valentines Day, my friends hold “Soup Day”. The wonderful idea is an excuse to bring friends and family together in the middle of a cold winter to enjoy hot soup. It is potluck so everyone pitches in and brings their favorite recipe. Each year the menu grows toContinue reading “Magical Moment Mondays: Potluck”

Flower Fridays: Rose

Last week, when my husband Andy and I were discussing what to do on Valentines Day, he said, “It’s on Friday, so roses.” I hesitated a response because I wasn’t certain what he was referring to when he continued, “your Flower Friday blog”. Of course! I certainly have written about roses before (see Flower Fridays:Continue reading “Flower Fridays: Rose”