Finding Magical Moments All The Time

Finding Magical Moments All The TimeMagical moments? What is that, you ask? Some synonyms for magical are enchanted, fairy-tale, charmed, exquisite, thrilling, dreamlike, mystic and supernatural. A magical moment in time could be any one of many wonderful experiences in your life. Often they are firsts: your first big success at work, your first time down a ski slope, the first moment your mom or dad let go of your bike and you rode on your own. Throughout your life you have had many big and magical moments like graduating from college, getting your new job, getting a promotion, getting married, buying a house. Well, here’s a secret—magical moments don’t have to be limited to big-time events. Magical moments are available to you in any given moment. You can make them happen anytime you want if you take the time to savor what you are doing.

But it can be hard to savor the moment when you are busy and feeling stressed out about so many big and little things in work and life. You might miss the magical moments if you don’t slow down enough to realize how great an instant is. So how can you make each moment enchanted and charmed? How can you find the magic in the sometimes mundane? Here are four steps to bring more magical moments into your every day.

Step 1: Stop and smell the roses.
Slow down! Stop to reflect on what is going on around you. Use your senses and notice all the wonderful sights and sounds and smells that surround you. Hear that pretty bird chirping. How magical is that? Catch the light reflecting off a tall building. Wow, isn’t that magical? Yes, magical moments are there for you and you can have them anytime you want if you stop long enough to notice them and relish them. Stop whatever you are doing to give yourself a moment to take pleasure in the experience. If you love flowers, find a garden or go to a florist and figuratively and literally smell the roses. Now is the moment to find magic in life.

Step 2: Connect—with yourself.
You might wonder why you need to connect with yourself when you are with yourself every second. Actually it turns out that often we are disconnected to ourselves. We go on autopilot and ignore our thoughts and feelings and miss the magic moments. If, instead, you are present to yourself, you will find many opportunities for charmed moments. Having presence to yourself means that you are conscious and aware of how you feel—right now. And you are present to what is happening in your physical and emotional experience. You can increase the chance of being present to yourself by first getting into your personal power (see Finding and Feeling Into Your Personal Power). Use the method that uniquely works for you—through music or dance or journaling or whatever—to get reconnected to yourself. Then ask yourself, “How is this moment impacting me? What’s magical in what is happening this instant?” Suddenly you’ll notice magical moments everywhere.

Step 3: Connect—with others.
How does connecting with others encourage magical moments? Well, often we lose touch with our ability to connect with others deeply. We interact with people but we forget to appreciate them and we forget that how we behave impacts not only our experience but their experience as well. Give your full attention to whoever you are with and let them know you care. Show them your gratitude for all that they are. When we allow the wonderful feeling of gratefulness to permeate us, that is a magical experience for ourselves and for others.

Step 4: Celebrate—everything.
Hurray, you closed a big contract! Let it be enough! Don’t rush to the next “to do” item on your list. A common side effect of being a busy executive is that you don’t take the time to celebrate and acknowledge all that you have accomplished. If you are a healing perfectionist like me, you are likely someone who gets big things accomplished with barely a pause before you are off to the next big thing. So here is a trick that works like a charm to increase your magical experience. Whenever you check something off your endless “to do” list, take the time to celebrate what you just accomplished. Hurray you finished your PowerPoint presentation! Do a happy dance and tell everyone. Savor how good it feels to accomplish something important to you. Celebration is an often-overlooked method to create a magical moment. It honors the importance of the event, no matter how small. Celebrate everything you can think off.

Magical Moments Make You More Effective
In case you don’t believe that having magical moments is important, there is one BIG reason that appeals to even the most A-type person—you are so much more effective in everything you do when you are present to the wonder of the moment. You learn more from the moments, you deepen your relationships with others, you have greater impact on others, and you simply achieve more of what you want. So don’t miss the magical moments that are present to you every moment of the day. Take a new approach and instead of living in a frenzy of busyness and anxiety, practice being present to each wonderful and magical moment of life.

XOXO Rachel

Published by Rachel Mueller-Lust

I'm a writer, artist, executive & life coach, wedding officiant & Life-Cycle Celebrant®, psychologist, media researcher and teacher. I explore language, relationship & connection, living a fulfilling life and the beauty & wonder of the world.

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