Creative Gifts and Favors For Your Wedding Day

I Beam Heart KeyChain from Shapeways.comThe brides and grooms that I work with hire me as their marriage officiant in large part because I offer custom wedding ceremonies. I love to brainstorm ways to capture the unique aspects of each couple in their ceremony. In keeping with a creative wedding ceremony, why not consider some unique ways to thank your wedding party and guests for all their support? Here are some ideas for creative wedding gifts and party favors. Pick one or use this to get you started on brainstorming your own original gifts.

Consider your gift recipients. When you are deciding what you want to give, think about to whom you will be giving the gift. Make a list of everyone who gets a gift. You should have a list for your wedding party and a separate list for the general guests. Maybe you have a few other special people who you want to include on the individual list. Then think about who they are and what they enjoy. Here are some categories to consider as you select your unique gifts for them.

  • Foodie
  • Design-type
  • Adventurer
  • Moviegoer
  • Book fanatic
  • Music crazy
  • Gardener

Buy something unique. These days the options for gifts of all kinds and price ranges are unbelievable.

  • Sprouted Spiral Ring from Shapeways.comThink 3D. I recently was introduced to a cool company called Shapeways that uses 3D printing to create just about anything you can imagine. Their ability to print in metal including silver and gold makes them perfect for small gifts like rings and keychains and cufflinks for your wedding party. And they have less expensive items made out of plastic that you can customize in your wedding colors for those items that you need a hundred or more of. They have tons of designs already made that you can customize and they even have a CustomMaker tool that let’s you design your own gifts from scratch. It’s DIY in 3D! Imagine the possibilities. Be sure to include a little note with your gift that describes how it was 3D printed.
  • Pull out your favorite magazines. I am a big fan of magazines. I subscribe to all sorts from bridal—of course—to home design, gardening and food. Most magazines have tons of ideas for things to buy. So gather your magazines and consult your list of the kind of people your gift recipients are—see above—and choose an unusual item that fits the bill.
  • Candy and food. There are so many beautiful and colorful and delicious candies these days that make wonderful party favors. Food items in general make great parting gifts. Select yummy choices and make sure to wrap them in unique containers. Customized tags that include a thank-you note are a nice addition. For our 25th wedding anniversary we did a taffy unity ceremony so we gave salt water taffy in pretty linen bags to our guests that were tied closed with a darling customized tag from Wedding Paper Divas.
  • Spa services. Even if you already plan to do that together with your wedding party to prep for the wedding, why not consider giving a gift certificate for a massage or facial for a future date. They will appreciate a chance to de-stress when they need it.

Make it yourself. Crafting DIY party favors is a great activity for crafty couples—if you have the time. There are so many possibilities for creating gifts and favors based on your skill level and your style.

  • Knitted change pursesSew or knit or crochet. How about making a cute little lipstick holder, or a change purse? There are many small items you can make yourself that are fun to do and not overwhelming if you give these items only to your short list.
  • Bake or cook. How about making your favorite cookies or brownies for the guests to enjoy after the wedding? Or maybe you are great at making homemade jam. Guests will love yummy delights that you prepared yourself.
  • Scented candles. Yes, you can buy scented candles, but it is a fun project to make your own. Collect unusual votive glasses at flea markets to use as the candleholders. Select a fragrance that speaks to you, buy the materials at a craft store, then get melting!

Thoughtful gifts to those who help you to get through your big day will be greatly appreciated. And most of all have fun making or buying your wedding party favors and gifts!

XOXO Rachel

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I'm a writer, artist, executive & life coach, wedding officiant & Life-Cycle Celebrant®, psychologist, media researcher and teacher. I explore language, relationship & connection, living a fulfilling life and the beauty & wonder of the world.

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