Creative Backdrops For Your Wedding Ceremony

Ribbons and Ivy Ceremony ArchwayOne of my favorite things to do is pin images on Pinterest. And perhaps my fav board is Wedding Ceremony Backdrops. I created it because there are so many wonderful examples of how people have customized and made the ceremony space their own. Designing a ceremony backdrop is particularly useful for making a defined ceremony space when you aren’t in a church or synagogue. And it is a lovely way to showcase your style. Here are some ideas for how to create your own unique wedding ceremony backdrop (and of course take a look at the pretty Pinterest pictures too!)

A few pointers to start: Come up with something that surrounds you, hangs behind you, or have something symmetrical on either side of you. Make certain you leave enough space for both of you, your officiant and your wedding party. If you are having your wedding in a religious location, be sure to ask what is allowed in the space. Most of these are DIY so ask some of your besties to help out. Prepare everything in advance so that all you need to do is set it up in the ceremony space on your wedding day. And most of all have fun!

♥ What are you favorite things? Arrange them in unique ways.
-Do you love candles, little lights, jewels, paper cutouts, streamers, pompoms, lanterns, or books?
-Pile them up on pedestals to each side of you.
– Line the aisles with them.
-Create an outline of a heart or infinity sign with them to stand in.
-Hang from trees.

Are you a collector? Display your finds, vintage or otherwise!
-Salt and peppershakers, baskets, pottery, crystals, beaded flowers—whatever is special to you can be used to decorate.
-Use two small bookcases filled with your collectables to either side of you.

♥ What are your wedding colors? Use them for everything!
-Whatever you decide to do, use your wedding colors—or select a bold contrast.

♥ Are you crafty? Quilters, knitters, crocheters—get started!
-Create a colorful blanket as a backdrop to hang behind you that you will have forever to keep you warm.

♥ Nature Lover? Use twigs, plants, rocks, boulders or water.
-Create an arbor of twigs.
-How about flanking the space with a couple of pretty fish tanks with beautiful fish swimming in them?
-Create ducks from rocks to show the way—you hikers know what those are…

♥ Are you an artist? Watercolors, oils, pen and ink all work well.
-Paint a beautiful backdrop on a large canvas or sheet.
-Go abstract, or create images of you as a married couple.

♥ Love to write? Create a poem or short story for all to read.
-Paint it on a large sheet of craft paper to hang behind you.
-Use cut out letters from magazine headlines and paste on a large sheet or roll of butcher paper.

♥ Will it be hot out? Use electric fans—they also keep the bugs away.
-Use colorful electric fans arranged in a half-circle facing you and the audience (requires an extra long extension cord ☺).

♥ Will it be evening? Use lighting creatively.
-Have candles of all heights arranged on small tables arranged in a half-circle.
-Wrap trees with tiny lights.
-Hang chandeliers.

♥ Flowers? Well of course!
-Sure you will have flowers no matter what, but why not try something unique.
-Do it yourself by buying large potted flowers and place in pretty baskets.
-Or hire a great florist to create an arbor or huge arrangements of blooming trees and flowers.

♥ Are you a photographer? Use images to tell your story.
-Have a table on either side of you with framed photos
-Pin-up all the photos on a huge corkboard behind you.

No matter what you use to create your ceremony backdrop, the most important element that everyone will love is you and your smiling face.

XOXO Rachel

Published by Rachel Mueller-Lust

I'm a writer, artist, executive & life coach, wedding officiant & Life-Cycle Celebrant®, psychologist, media researcher and teacher. I explore language, relationship & connection, living a fulfilling life and the beauty & wonder of the world.

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