Magical Moment Mondays: Morning Stillness

Morning song birdSpring is finally fully enveloping me in its magic and splendor. And there is so much about spring that is magical—particularly in the morning. With the light arriving early and the first flowers sneaking up from the ground, the quiet stillness of spring mornings is perhaps my favorite moment in life. This morning there is a damp coolness following an overnight rain. I can hear drops spilling over from collected pools of rain as I hear a happy bird chirping and another cawing in the distance. In the morning stillness I await what will be today.

I Shall Be Married on Monday Morning
By Anonymous

As I was walking one morning in spring,
I heard a fair maiden most charmingly sing,
All under her cow, as she sat a-milking,
Saying, I shall be married, next Monday morning.

You fairest of all creatures, my eyes e’er beheld,
Oh! Where do you live love, or where do you dwell,
I dwell at the top of yon bonny brown hill,
I shall be fifteen years old next Monday morning.

Fifteen years old love, is too young to marry,
The other five years love, I’d have you to tarry,
And perhaps in the meantime love you might be sorry,
So put back your wedding, next Monday morning.

You talk like a man without reason or skill,
Five years I’ve been waiting against my will,
Now, I am resolved my mind to fulfil,
I wish that tomorrow was Monday morning.

On Saturday night it is all my care,
To powder my locks and curl my hair,
And my two pretty maidens to wait on me there,
To dance at my wedding next Monday morning.

My husband will buy me a guinea gold ring,
And at night he’ll give me a far better thing,
With two precious jewels he’ll be me adorning,
When I am his bride, on Monday morning.

XOXO Rachel

Published by Rachel Mueller-Lust

I'm a writer, artist, executive & life coach, wedding officiant & Life-Cycle Celebrant®, psychologist, media researcher and teacher. I explore language, relationship & connection, living a fulfilling life and the beauty & wonder of the world.

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