Magical Moment Mondays: New Jersey Diners

This past Monday I had a wonderful and—I’ll say it—magical experience at a Jersey diner. I have written before of my love of NJ diners in my Love Beauty Peace Blog so it will be no surprise to many that I love diners. I am always excited about the opportunity for trying another road food place and I love the original rectangular metal design of older diners. Add to that my warm spot for anything in New Jersey and you understand why I am so enamored with Jersey diners. White Rose System in Linden, NJ was no exception. For this diner outing, I planned our visit on route to my parent’s house in Jersey. The place fell about midway on our two-hour trip so we left our home first thing in the morning without eating in order to be nice and hungry for the stop. And boy am I glad we went!

Rachel at White Rose System

Being a Monday, I figured it would be magical no matter what. It was more perfect than usual because we were headed off for vacation at the Jersey Shore. As we drove up to the tiny White Rose diner, we knew it would be great just from the cute building. The small spot has about 6 counter stools and another set of about 8 stools facing out the window. Just enough room for the grill to the left of the counter and that is all they need! They are known for their breakfast sandwiches with pork roll (also called Taylor Ham). I remember as a child seeing signs for places in nearby Trenton that served pork roll but I never tried it growing up. So I was really looking forward to finally trying the stuff. The sandwiches at White Rose consist of a fried egg, lots of melted cheese and thin slices of pork roll. Order the “complete” and you get home fries thrown in as well. The sammie is housed in a perfectly soft and chewy Kaiser roll. We ordered one with and one without the potatoes so that we could taste it both ways. Both were yummy! The friendly service and the place was just what I needed for a magical Monday in Jersey!

XOXO Rachel

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