The Bubble of Love

The bubble of loveThere is something so wonderful about the intimacy of a couple standing in front of me during their wedding. It as though there is a bubble that encloses the couple, then another bubble that hugs me with them, a third that surrounds and links to the three of us to the wedding party and a final bubble that encases everyone attending the wedding. What I am speaking about is a type of energy of love that is so present during the ceremony it is palpable.

The bubble of love is always present at the ceremony, but it is at its most powerful in that profound moment when the couple exchanges their wedding vows. It doesn’t matter if they are laughing, crying, shaking with jitters or wafting eloquently—the bubble of love holds the couple and me and their wedding party and all the guests. It is an intimate experience even though it may be with 200 or more people!

Handfasting inside the bubble of loveAfter my most recent wedding, the event coordinator came up to me to say she was delighted to be present for that wedding because it was unique and beautiful to hear the couple’s love story. She described how she was emotionally drawn into the event and moved so much she cried—she was experiencing the bubble of love. As she talked to me, I realized what an important role I play (and wedding officiants in general play) in creating that bubble of love for everyone attending. I am leading the creation of the bubble. I am establishing the ceremonial space, creating the vessel for the ceremony to take place and setting the tone of love with holding and caring. It is as if the bubble of love emanates from my arms reaching out as in a hug, surrounding the entire ceremony space.

I have for years spoken of the grounded and amazing sensation I feel when I am presenting (see The high of presenting). But what is in hindsight apparent and wonderful about performing a wedding ceremony is that the circumstances are about as magical and happy as they can be. Yes, I do feel the high of presenting even in business settings, but the sensation is not nearly as calming, centering and loving as in a wedding. I can run on that energy for days.

I love the silly movie The Wedding Crashers and I know that the concept is to crash a wedding for good food, partying and the possibility of hooking up. I say, why not wedding crash ceremonies to get some of that love energy? Attending a wedding is an amazing way to enter into the bubble of love that is created by the sharing of hearts. Sure, there are other ways to experience that force of love. Some watch romantic movies or romantic TV shows (see Most Romantic Lines From Movies and Round Up of Romantic Moments on TV.) And it is not surprising that one of the most successful genres of books is romance novels. Immersing yourself in a great romance is like finding yourself wrapped in the warmth of the bubble of love. But there is nothing like the real life experience of wedding vows.

The entire wedding group bubble of loveAnd so I shout to the world, “Go to a wedding ceremony!” You will enjoy that incredible moment in time, whether you are making the vows, you are the celebrant, in the wedding party, from the family, one of the friends, an innocent bystander or even a wedding crasher. Soak in the energy of love because it is special. And remember that feeling when you are having a tough day because it is restorative. Let the bubble of love keep you safe and warm.

Have you experienced the bubble of love? Tell us about your experience in the comment section. We’d love to hear from you!

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XOXO Rachel

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I'm a writer, artist, executive & life coach, wedding officiant & Life-Cycle Celebrant®, psychologist, media researcher and teacher. I explore language, relationship & connection, living a fulfilling life and the beauty & wonder of the world.

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