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Rachel Mueller-Lust

Rachel Mueller-Lust, PHD, CPCC

Do you feel stuck in your executive career that no longer brings you joy?

Are you nearing retirement age but don’t have a plan for what’s next?

Would you do something else if you had a strategy and advice?

Are you ready to discover how you can leave your executive office with clarity, excitement and a plan for the next fulfilling chapter of your life?

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You Are So Much More Than Your Title!

You’re at the top of your game. You’re a respected leader in your field. You make a good income. And yet…something deep down inside is saying, “It’s time…it’s time for me to make a change, time for me to get on with the next fulfilling phase of my life.” But you are stuck. You can’t imagine anything other than your current work. You are afraid that you will be nothing if you aren’t doing your work. You wonder who will you be if you are no longer your title?

Yes, there is life after corporate. The only thing standing between where you are today and where you really want to be is the strategy to get you there. Read more to learn how you can become empowered to leave your corporate world whether you are retirement age or not and create the next awesome chapter of your life! Leave with clarity and confidence!

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Rachel Mueller-Lust, Certified Executive & Life Coach

I left corporate at the top of my career…of my own choice! I’m proud of all my corporate accomplishments and I loved working in corporate…until I didn’t. Deciding to leave didn’t lessen or devalue my corporate results. I left with no regrets. And I successfully navigated the sometimes-difficult transition with integrity and grace. Now I’m living the life I dreamed of. And you can too.

I hold a BS, MS and PHD in Psychology from the University of California and the CPCC certification from The Coaches Training Institute. To learn more about my journey and background, click here.

I was a non-believer about the power of life coaching before working with Rachel. Now I see how you can’t compartmentalize life. My work, being a mother, being a wife, relationships with friends is all connected. Working with Rachel is making all the difference in my whole life.

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xoxo Rachel